Yule/Winter Solstice Soap

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A blend of juniper, pine, nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. Specially blended for your Yule spells and rituals, this soap is made with natural organic ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. No synthetic fragrance. Shower or bathe with this bar prior to your Yule spells and rituals and continue to wash your hands with this bar before any spell cast this Winter season! If simply using for the fragrance or if you’re still in the broom closet and need to be discreet, this soap can be made without the pentacle embed.

•All of my soaps are vegan with nourishing oils, and high grade fragrance and essential oils. •Due to all my products being handmade individually, your received product may vary slightly from the picture. •Disclaimer: Tabatha’s Cauldron Shop can not guarantee the outcome of any ritual or spell work done with the use of my products. Remember, it is your intention that will cause the spell to work. My products are only an aid for your spiritual work. • I am required by law to say that I am making no official claims and that my products are for entertainment purposes only. I provide you with the tools while you hold the power to create the magick for your desired intent. Tabatha’s Cauldron is not responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses resulting from the use of my products.