Sylvanas Dark Lady Soaps

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“Dark Lady watch over you” The whipped soap scrub is a 4oz creamy fluffy soap that cleanses and moisturizes while gently exfoliating with vegan organic sugar, topped with a skull mini soap. The round 3.5oz soap is made with skin softening castor oil and shea butter. Available  in 2 scents:

•Forsaken- Intoxicating sandalwood and golden amber floating through the dark woods of Tirisfal Glades with floating apparitions of honeyed vanilla and notes of subtle spice. And

•Banshee Queen- A lush blend of orange, peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine. This smells identical to Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret! 

•All of my soaps are vegan with nourishing oils, and high grade fragrance and essential oils.

•Due to all my products being handmade individually, your received product may vary slightly from the picture.