Spell/Ritual/Spiritual Roll-On Oils

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Blends created to enhance spells and rituals or to be worn daily to set your intentions. The carrier oil is safflower which is natural, easily absorbed by skin, non greasy feeling, and helps fragrance last longer! The available blends are:

•Love- dragons blood, vanilla, cinnamon, and clove with rose quartz, dried rose petals, and mugwort. Formulated to be used daily to attract or strengthen love, before love spells and rituals, and prior to intimacy with your lover.

•Prosperity- peppermint, basil, and bay oils with tigers eye crystals, dried anise, and dried peppermint to be used prior to prosperity spell work, or daily to attract prosperity.

•Divination- neroli, sage, and frankincense oils with amethyst crystals, dried sage and mugwort, and frankincense resin to enhance divination work and keep you grounded, or for daily use to enhance intuition and keep you grounded.