SEGA Genesis Cartridge Soap and Sticker

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A true to size SEGA cartridge soap with a label that is a usable sticker! Available in a variety of games with themed scents listed below.

•Green Hill Zone- Green grass, coconuts fallen from palm trees, and Sonic colored blueberries.

•Fatality- Finish him! With this intoxicatingly dark scent of dragonsblood.

•Vortex Queen- Wet earth, dark amber, patchouli, and teakwood.

•Altered Beast- Sandalwood, Lavender, Amber, and tobacco leaf

•Bloodlines- Dark Patchouli and black pepper dripping with dragonsblood.

approx 4.5oz

•All of my soaps are vegan with nourishing oils, and high grade fragrance and essential oils.

•Due to all my products being handmade individually, your received product may vary slightly from the picture.