HP House Wax Melts

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Hogwarts House Wax Melts each in their own individual scent and embedded with a wax Hogwarts crest! •Gryffindor- Bright and bold fruit punch. •Slytherin- Absinthe and wild berries. •Ravenclaw- Spiced potions, incense, and leather bound spell books. •Hufflepuff- Snickerdoodle cookies and caramel corn.

•Melts 1-2 cubes depending on desired scent strength

•My 100% vegan soy wax melts are lovingly handmade in small batches with the max fragrance load possible for a stronger and longer lasting scent.

•Some melts based on their scent palette will have a stronger scent than others.

•Works with all warmer types.

•Keep burning and re burning until you can no longer smell the scent. Soy wax typically lasts 7-9 hours per ounce. Soy wax cleans up easily with soap and hot water. Do not overfill your burner!

•Soy wax burns cleaner and 30-50% longer than paraffin wax. This biodegradable melt contains no toxins, pollutants, or carcinogens.

•Keep away from children’s hands and pets paws and noses.

•Never leave burning wax unattended. •If you’re having trouble getting your melts out of their containers, just pop in the freezer for a bit!