Bubbling Brew Bath Potions

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Each 4.5oz bubble bath/body wash makes 3-5 baths depending on tub size and how bubbly you'd like your bath! Pour under running water to create thick luxurious bubbles! They also double as a body wash that will leave your skin soft and lightly scented. The available blends are:

•Love Spell- A blend of rose, lavender, and ylang ylang infused with dried jasmine, rose petals, and lavender.

•Aura Cleaning- A blend of lemongrass, sage, and rosemary oils, infused with dried sage and chamomile.

•Witches Brew- To be used before any spell or ritual to help increase personal power. A blend of rosemary, pine, orange, and cinnamon essential oils, infused with dried mugwor and sage.

•Anxiety Relief- A blend of frankincense, lavender, chamomile, and bergamot essential oils, infused with dried lavender and chamomile.

•Healing Potion- For cold and flu. A blend of rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils, infused with dried peppermint and elder flower.