Artemis Goddess Candles

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A blend of juniper, bay, tahitian vanilla, and pine. Topped with dried lemon balm herb and cypress and moonstone.

Greek Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon. Protector of the forest and virgins. Lady of the Wild Mountains and protector of the womb. Artemis rules sexual energy and tension. She presides over mysteries involving sexual energy intended for magical rather than procreative use. 

•My vegan soy wax candles are made with high grade fragrance and essential oils. Soy wax is a sustainable and renewable resource that burns cleaner and longer than paraffin wax.

•Due to all my products being handmade individually, your received product may vary slightly from the picture.

•Practice common sense with candles. Never leave a burning candle unattended, keep away from children, pet's noses, and flammable material. Please note the herbs on the candles may burn so be sure to keep the candle in an appropriate holder when burning. Allow the candle to liquefy to the edge before extinguishing to prevent tunneling.